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Cohare's Mac mini concept
Crude Design Concept to fill the gap between the Mac Pro and the iMac. Portability without the compromise of expandability/performance.

By adding an expansion slot (or two) to the bottom of the mini, expansion modules could be added to provide a completely customisable solution for LAN party people, gamers, Digital video enthusiasts or any one who wants, only what they need. Modules for extra high speed storage, SLI/Crossfire Graphics, PCI peripherals (better wifi cards, sound cards, t.v.tuners) and perhaps a CPU module for extra microprocessors, allow the "mini" to become the only computer anyone will ever need. I suggest dual PCI X16 slots for bandwidth and stability (no need for a docking clamp) but a proprietary interface might work better (maybe a power interface as well). The addition of a "Apple Remote" storage compartment and iPod dock built in would top off the system nicely and make it the most marketable machine ever.
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Dan__ [Aug 10, 2006 at 12:13 PM]
Very neat concept. Modular external computing components. I see you've mixed PCI-X and PCI Express. I would think you'd want PCI Express connections between expansion components, and reserve PCI-X connections for within a single (of course optional) box to support cards of that sort (if desired). Issues I see are the following: popup and hidden storage will require space that's hard to come by right now. Also, configuration of a multiple box system will undoubtably be more expensive than a single do-it-all unit. But you do have some superb expandability!
Aquaman [Aug 10, 2006 at 12:35 PM]
I like your idea for a place to store the remote. Apple should've done something like that on the MacBook. HP has a place to store the remote on one of their notebook. It looks like it's spring-loaded or something.
HarryRex [Aug 11, 2006 at 10:04 AM]
The dual X16 connections on the bootom of each unit are there to provide a high bandwidth connection between modules. The full bandwith needent be used, just available. Apple could provide barebone DIY modules for user to add their own peripherals at a minimal cost and provide custom modules that are plug and play for those who are skitish about mucking around inside thier box. As for the hidden compartments a slight increase in case size would be necessary, minimal impact if added to the hight instead of the footprint.

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