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Adam's Mac mini setup
My mini is on a piece of blue tinted plexiglass, suspended by a blue usb cable (seen in top right inset) that connects the mini to a USB switch (see below). Cable management with glass is always tough, but I've tried to make the best ofit and show off my mini. The extra desk space is nice too!

- 1.42 Ghz, 512, 80GB, combo drive, bluetooth/wireless
- Dell 2001FP
- Samsung 150MP (tv tuner, S video, PIP) - connected to work laptop and linux
- Philips 5.1 speakers w/ sub - working in stereo :(
- Logitech MX510, Natural KBD
- USB switch (just to the left of the mini, bottom left inset) is connected tothe hub in my 2001FP to use my kbd and mouse on my mini, linux desktop, or worklaptop with the push of a button.

I switched from Linux (500Mhz Thinkpad) and it's still taking some adjustment
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g5g5 [Sep 16, 2005 at 06:05 PM]
I thought you had the Mac mini mounted in the wall at first. I had to do a double take.
Jay [Sep 17, 2005 at 01:52 PM]
is that a Dell 1901FP display, I used to connect my mac mini to that same display, but i find that certain apps (like when you run slideshows from i photo) causes the display to flicker and then go completely black
Adam [Sep 21, 2005 at 07:18 PM]
Jay, it's a 2001FP, I just tried slideshow, no problems. This monitor is so amazing, it makes me wish I played video games cause I bet they would look great.
Ethan [Sep 23, 2005 at 11:07 AM]
That's a nice display. I simply cannot stand seperated keyboards, though.
Elf [Sep 25, 2005 at 08:08 PM]
nice monitor i cant stand a monitor less than 19" i had the same problem with mine flickering but it was because it was set on 75Hertz not 60 i have a dell E193FP
Rick [Oct 14, 2005 at 05:04 PM]
Ha, I Love Family Guy, What's the Other monitor connected to?
adam [Oct 27, 2005 at 05:05 PM]
The second monitor is currently connected to my linux laptop (old thinkpad), playing dvds and host to my dev server
Martin [Jan 06, 2006 at 12:08 PM]
Adam: where'd you get that wall on the Dell?

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